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Raving Iran

Susanne Regina Meures, 84 min, Switzerland, 2016

RAVING IRAN Trailer (; from Christian Frei on Vimeo.

Raving Iran

+ DJ set!

Music and freedom.

Welcome to Doc Lounge!

7th of March Doc Lounge Oslo will highlight the ongoing need to fight against oppression and censorship and carry forward expressions of support of every person’s right to music and to freedom of artistic expression.

Join us for the screening of the documentary Raving Iran followed by a DJ set by KLUBB ONKOD.

Anoosh and Arash are at the center of Tehran’s underground techno scene. Tired of hiding from the police and their stagnating career, they organize one last manic techno rave under dangerous circumstances in the desert. Back in Tehran they try their luck selling their illegally printed music album without permission. When Anoosh is arrested, there seems to be no hope left. But then they receive a phone call from the biggest techno festival in the world - Lethargy techno festival in Zurich. Once landed in Switzerland, the haze of the instant euphoria evaporates quickly when the seriousness of the situation starts to dawn on them.

Dahir Eebo Doni + Dana Jdid@ are multimedia artists and urban activists based in Oslo, and members of the forward-thinking collective: ONKOD OSLO.
KLUBB ONKOD is on a conquest to bring the Afro and Arab punk noise from the living rooms, salons, slums, plazas and parliaments of the region, redefining the Oslo night life scene. Both Dj’s are influenced by rhythms of post-war reconstruction and sounds of euphoric survival with strong tech and punk presence. All mixed in with some DIY elements to reveal a new and confrontational personality, setting free both body and speech.

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