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Only the Devil Lives Without Hope

Magnus Gertten, 98 min, SwedenNorway, 2020

Only the Devil Lives Without Hope - Trailer from Auto Images on Vimeo.

Only The Devil Lives Without Hope

She stood up against a brutal regime. They took her brother, but never broke her hope.

Magnus Gertten / Sweden / 2020 / 98 min

Only the Devil Lives Without Hope is a real-life thriller about love, betrayal, spies, assassins and the unbreakable hope for a brother, locked in a desert prison called "The Place of No Return". Dilya became a human rights activist the day her brother Iskandar was thrown in prison, accused of being a terrorist. For years she challenged the dictatorship, and the consequences were brutal. She had to escape the country but realised that the regime who took her brother was closer than she could ever imagine.