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Leslie on Fire

Stefan Berg, 82 min, Sweden, 2018

LESLIE ON FIRE - Trailer from Berg Images on Vimeo.

Leslie Brinner

A close portrait of RnB-artist Leslie Tay

Stefan Berg / 2018 / Sweden / 82 min / Swedish with English subtitles

Leslie Tay is working on the biggest project of his life: the recording and release of his long-awaited debut album. His signature genre is 'RnB in Swedish', a music style that is both passionate and emotionally honest. In order to reach his goal – for the audience to love his music – he needs to access his own vulnerability and channel it in the music. This leads us back in time, to Leslie's childhood days in Sofielund, Malmö, a segregated area suffering with poverty and crime. A rough environment where the last thing you want to show others is your vulnerability. We meet a 14-year-old boy who dreams of 'becoming really famous in the music industry' but soon becomes 'the most fucked up kid' in the area. With a material that spans over 15 years, we follow Leslie on his path to breaking through as an artist and fighting for his dreams.

'This is my biggest and perhaps most relevant film project ever. It’s a breathtaking story about a very talented performer, who is a complex and charismatic individual at the same time' – Stefan Berg

Leslie on Fire is distributed by Doc Lounge, and Friday 9 November it will be out in cinemas around the country. This makes Doc Lounge Lund's screening an exclusive preview!

We are thrilled that amazing artist Cora Onori will join us for the season premiere! Cora Onori released her EP ‘KOBRA’ last year, and for the season premiere she will share her experiences of what it is like to break through as an artist, a main theme in Leslie on Fire. Her music moves between Cloud, Boom Bap and Trap, and earlier this year she released her new single ‘Dream, Girl’, a dreamy yet honest track with personal lyrics about living in imaginary worlds. Imagination, fantasies, escapism and dreaming as a way to cope with what we call reality are recurring themes that are also reflected in her fantastic costume and visual design.

Looking forward to seeing you at Mejeriet! And don’t worry about dinner, the restaurant and bar will be open!

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