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Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind

Karen Winther, 85 min, Norway, 2018

EXIT: Leaving Extremism Behind TRAILER 2018 from Sant & Usant documentary film on Vimeo.

Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind

What is the wake up call that can make violent extremists change?

Confronted with the realisation that everything you once firmly believed is wrong, how do you get the strength to leave that reality behind and embark on a journey to turn your life around? This was the crossroad faced by director Karen Winther when she decided to leave the extremist movement she was in. Now she is on a quest to finding other former violent extremists to hear their remarkable stories about leaving their extremist movements behind. The director is a former extremist still struggling to reconcile with her past. Through intimate conversations with former violent extremists from Germany, France, Denmark and US they reveal the moment in their life that made them alter the course of their lives.

Karen Winther / 2018 / Norway / Norwegian, English, French, German, English subtitles


Collaboration with Fryshuset

Doc Lounge is the Swedish distributor of Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind. As part of the work with the film, Doc Lounge will run an impact campaign in collaboration with Fryshuset. The campaign aims to spread knowledge about violent extremism and how to help society and individuals handle and help those who want to leave extremism behind.

As part of the impact campaign, Maria Bolme at Fryshuset, who is currently working on a documentary about relatives to far-right extremists, will visit Doc Lounge clubs around the country for talks about violent extremism and her working experiences. We are very happy that she will make a stop in Lund and participate in a talk after the film screening Thursday 28/3.

Fryshuset is a non-profit organization independent of any political ideology or religion that promotes empowerment and social inclusion of youth with a special focus on those who are at risk or already face exclusion. The organization has over 20 years’ experience of work related to violent extremism. Today they run various projects for people who want to leave extremist and criminal environments.



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