Doc Lounge Volda

Dream Empire

David Borenstein, 73 min, Denmark, 2016


And it is dancing, discussion and documentary on the program.

This night we will screen the documentary Dream Empire - an amazing documentary about the real estate boom in China and how 24 year old Yana make a living by hiring western tourists to perform at events by chinese real estate developers.

During this night a dancegroup will performe a few dance numbers for us. They are called Expand and consists of students from Volda high school.

There will probably be a discussion as well after the film - more info on this will soon be out!

About the film
David Borenstein / Denmark / 2016

Yana is a 24-year-old rural migrant who recently arrived in Chongqing to pursue her “Chinese Dream.” Drawn by the glamor and easy riches of China’s historic real estate boom, she opens a foreigner rental agency designed to help Chinese real estate developers market their new developments. But this business
takes a dubious turn as her foreigners are increasingly used in a surreal effort to turn remote rural ghost towns into “globalized booming cities” on the days that outside investors and political leaders visit. When the inevitable happens and the real estate
bubble starts to pop, Yana is forced to sell her company and reassess everything she ever believed in.