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Tokyo Idols

Kyoko Miyake, 88 min, UK, CanadaJapan, 2017

Tokyo Idols Official Trailer from EyeSteelFilm on Vimeo.

Doc Lounge Aarhus presents Tokyo Idols ★

A fascinating must-see documentary – Slash film

WELCOME to a hypermodern Japan and the pop culture “Idols” – a phenomenon where young girl singers pursue fame with help from their dedicated fan base mostly consisting of men.

This evening we touch and celebrate the culture of Idols and we’re getting you in the mood for the film with colorful drinks, j-pop music, short movies and Japanese snacks and beers at the bar. After the screening, you are in for a treat of talks, music and entertainment!

“Growing up in Japan as a girl was a confusing experience for me. Not being or acting cute was taken as a sign of defiance. I’ve realized that this story cuts deeper into what it means to be a woman or a man in a hyper modern society.” - Director Kyoko Miyake

With a provocative view on the Japanese pop culture, Tokyo Idols explores a phenomenon driven by an obsession with female sexuality and Internet popularity, which also finds its roots in the industrial Japan. The film raises questions of passion, role models, loneliness and the sense of community.

Kyoko Miyake/UK/Canada/2017/88 min
(Japanese with English subtitles)

18.30 Doors open
18.45 Short movies
19.15 Screening of Tokyo Idols
21.30 Talks, drinks and music.

When: The 28th of Sep.
Where: Filmbyen 4, 6th floor, 8000 Aarhus C (Via University College)
Price: 50 kr. at the door - we accept cash and Mobile Pay.

Stay updated – We are working on more surprises!