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The Other Side of Everything

Mila Turajlic, 103 min, Serbia, FranceQuatar, 2017

The Other Side of Everything - Toronto Int'l Film Festival trailer from Mila Turajlic on Vimeo.

Doc Lounge Aarhus + IWDK present "The other side of everything"

What is behind the door?

Join us for an evening of the award-winning Serbian documentary followed by discussions on surveillance, cyber activism and freedom of speech.

In a time of surveillance, fake news, and escalating political conflicts, it can be hard to keep faith in a better future. The award-winning documentary “The Other Side of Everything” is the story of a woman who has struggled tirelessly to create a better world. We get an intimate portrait of political activist Srbijanka Turajlic, through her daughter’s camera lens.

Srbijanka has dedicated her life to change, but now she has to realize that the result is not what she had hoped. Serbia is still a country where her children have an uncertain future. The question is whether the new generation has the courage to propose the struggle for freedom of speech and a life without monitoring in the 21st century.

After the film there will be a debate about the film and the tools that are available through the Internet and social media, – tools that provide a unique opportunity to communicate with thousands of people – but what is the price?

The Other side of everything / Mila Turajlics / 100 min / 2017
Serbian with English subtitles: 

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