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The Dazzling Light of Sunset

Salomé Jashi, 74 min, GermanyGeorgia, 2016

THE DAZZLING LIGHT OF SUNSET trailer from sakdoc film on Vimeo.

Dazzling Light of Sunset

About a small town in Georgia, seen through small town television.

The film takes a small town television station as a centerpiece of its story and draws a pseudo-ethnographic portrait of a community in Georgia. Rituals and traditions define the lifestyle here, though a far away reflection of the modern world has already invaded into collective’s mind. Everyone is confused on how to represent themselves while performance of a self in its best way possible seems of a primary importance. A kaleidoscope of characters, places and happenings unveil their life and their strange set of hybrid values. The sole journalist of the television station, Dariko, is like Virgil from Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ taking the audience on a trip to the community’s moments of revelation.