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Andreas Johnsen, 76 min, Denmark, 2016


Krispig oktobervisning!

Why should we eat insects? Filmmaker Andreas Johnsen’s partly tasty and partly a 
tiny tiny bit repulsive documentary Bugs sets out to discover if eating insects can 
save our Earth. The result is equal parts culinary documentary and political 
conversation starter.

Although scientists and agribusiness have started touting edible insects as the 
future of sustainable food, the notion of eating bugs hasn’t exactly gained much popularity 
among the general public. Head Chef Ben Reade and Lead Researcher Josh Evans from the 
Nordic Food Lab in Denmark are looking to change that. With a focus on food diversity and 
deliciousness, they set out on a globetrotting mission to take on the politics of the palate, 
sampling grubs in the Australian outback, pillaging giant wasp nests in Japan and attending 
food expos where entrepreneurs pitch their flavorless farmed crickets. Along the way, they 
put their own haute cuisine spin on local insect delicacies, whipping up dishes like cricket 
and grasshopper ravioli, maggot cheese gelato and bee larva ceviche.

Bugs is presented in collaboration with Moving Docs - a EDN initiative supported by Creative Europe, with the aim to create innovative outreach strategies and provide opportunities for urban and rural European audiences to enjoy regular screenings of documentary films through a wide variety of media and platforms.

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