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All We Have Is Now

Alexandra Dahlström, 80 min, Sweden, 2014

All We Have Is Now

+ Live concert!

Music, friendship and headbanging!


FILM START: 20.00 

ABOUT THE FILM; Vulkano are ready to take over the world. We meet the punk group in a basement in Skanstull. The band consists of the former Those Dancing Days members Cecilia Efraimsson, Lisa Pyk Wirström and Rebecka Rolfart. Just before the big LA trip, and a gig for important contacts in the American entertainment industry, Rebecka quits the group.

CONCERT: After the film there will be a concert with some very talented girls. 

Kristina Juul Jørgensen, Isabel Haugjord, Inga Bjørndal and Sissel Marie Frøyland will all perfom on stage. Don't miss out! - cuz all we have is NOW! 


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