Catch Sakawa screening at a Doc Lounge near you!

E-waste from the west, internet scamming and black magic. In SAKAWA, Belgian-Ghanaian director Ben Asmoah shows youngsters from Ghana who, out of desperation, turn to internet scams. The film follows...


Golden Bear winner TOUCH ME NOT - and international debate tour Polititics of the Body to Sweden.

Doc Lounge, in partnership with the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, hosts TOUCH ME NOT - POLITICS OF THE BODY, an international tour consisting of film screening and in depth conversations around...


The Reformist - Screenings all over Sweden!

Witness as Sherin Khankan attempts to establish Europe’s first mosque led by female imams. "I found the Femimam project extremely important from the first time I heard about it because it...


SVT-broadcast of “Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind”

As Swedish distributor of the film, we are thrilled and happy to say that SVT Dox is screening the short version of "Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind" tonight, September 30th at 22.50, on...


Doc Lounge at Nordisk Panorama!

What a week - Nordisk Panorama kicks off, screenings, seminars, parties, and a Doc Lounge Caucasus delegation comes to visit.


"Help, I know someone with extremist views!" - Exclusive live broadcast

Doc Lounge and Fryshuset invite to an exclusive live broadcast of "Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind", with following panel discussions. The event "Hjälp, jag känner en med extremistiska...


Big Swedish cinema release for PUSH

Finally it's time for aclaimed director Fredrik Gertten's new film PUSH to fly high and meet the audience all over Sweden. Tonight, Friday September 6th, the film is released on cinemas all...


Doc Lounge Official Selection Autumn 2019!

Finally, it's that time of the year again where we reveal the Doc Lounge Official Selection. Hope you're excited because we sure are! The Doc Lounge Official Selection Autumn 2019 is a...



Wow what a fantastic spring we’ve had! So many exciting things have happened and more are cooking in the Doc Lounge factory. With that being said: Now we’re leaving for some sweet...


Leaving extremism behind - a new collaboration between Doc Lounge and Fryshuset

Many people around the world are frequently discussing the consequences of extremism and how it affects our society but seldom do we see discussions about the way out of violent extremism. We ask...