We believe that documentary is an incredibly powerful art form, whose impact multiplies when it's viewed together—a shared experience of shock, awe and laughter with friends and strangers has the ability to inspire people to change the world for the better. 

Doc Lounge's aim is to attract a wide and varied audience to documentary film, and in turn create new, innovative ways of bringing the best documentaries to a broader audience.


Doc Lounge Events

Doc Lounge's core activity are the events, including regular, public events at Doc Lounges' across the Nordic region, as well as our corporate events; tailor made for companies, municipalities, universities and conferences.

Doc Lounge Projects

In addition to the key activities surrounding the Doc Lounge Network—our films, clubs and events—Doc Lounge are working across several independent development projects in connected areas in order to constantly innovate the screening format and offer new audience experiences. 

Doc Lounge Distribution 

Doc Lounge is a pioneering release platform and an innovative distribution channel aiming to broaden the documentary audience. We specialise in events and outreach strategies, and strive to be a catalyst for local collaboration, discussion and social engagement.

Doc Lounge On Demand 

Our very own streaming service where we offer selected titles to watch at home for our Swedish audience.

Doc Lounge Pop-Up

Through Doc Lounge Pop-Up we present organisers outside of the Doc Lounge Network with an opportunity to host their own documentary film screenings, with our additional support and assistance. 

Doc Lounge Network 

From the start in Malmö, Sweden, in 2006, the Doc Lounge concept has spread across the Nordic countries. The Doc Lounge Network now includes music venues, culture houses, film production companies, festivals and independent film clubs that screen our selection of the worlds best documentaries.

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If you'd like to join the Doc Lounge Network, work on a new project or book Doc Lounge for an event, we'd be happy to hear from you.

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