We believe that documentary is an incredibly powerful art form that can inspire people to change the world. We also believe that this impact is multiplied when documentaries are viewed together with others, a shared experience of shock, awe and laughter with friends and strangers. Our aim is to attract a wide and varied audience to documentary film, and in turn create new, innovative ways of bringing the best documentaries to the audience. 

Doc Lounge Network 

From the start in Malmö, Sweden, in 2006, the Doc Lounge concept has spread across the Nordic countries. The Doc Lounge Network now includes music venues, culture houses, film production companies, festivals and independent film clubs that screen our selection of the worlds best documentaries.


Our core activity is our events - both our regular, public events at Doc Lounges all across the Nordic countries and our corporate events, tailor made for companies, municipalities, universities, and conferences.

Doc Lounge projects

Doc Lounge constantly try to innovate the format and offer new experiences to the audience. To do so, we are always working on new and exciting projects - like the live streaming initiative Doc Lounge Live and the Moving Docs-project.

Doc Lounge Distribution 

Doc Lounge specialises in distribution of the worlds best documentaries. 

Doc Lounge are official Swedish distributors of Punk Voyage

Get in touch!
If you'd like to join our Doc Lounge network, work on a new project with us, or book us to create a Doc Lounge event for you, we'd be very happy to hear from you.


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