We're Back and Very Semi-Serious!

New year, new resolutions and a new exciting spring ahead! Doc Lounge is back and excited to get this season started with great documentaries and events! All 18 clubs are working towards amazing events and we can’t wait to get started!

Very Semi-Serious kicks-off the season with inspiration and laughter. The film takes us behind-the-scenes of the New Yorker and indroduces cartooning ledgends that has inspired, baffled and provoced readers for decades. The film will be screened in Oulu, Tampere, Lund, Malmö, Aarhus, Volda, Varberg, Göteborg and Helsinki.  Keep an eye on our calender for info on upcoming screenings this year!

The rest of our official film selection for spring 2016 will be presented in the coming weeks!

Stay tuned!