The Roma children that will capture your heart.

Spartacus & Cassandra comes to Doc Lounge.

This brother and sister, who are the stars of the documentary Spartacus & Cassandra, captured our hearts and they will do the same for you! 

13-year-old Spartacus and 10-year-old Cassandra are Roma siblings taken in by Camille, a young trapezist who starts a circus on the outskirts of Paris. She's bearly old enough to be a parent herself, but puts all her love and efforts into protecting and caring for these Roma kids. Under the circus bigtop, the children find a sense of belonging and security, but when the circus folds, the French state and the children’s parents wage an emotional tug-of-war over custody. The chidren are forced to make the impossible choice between foster care with Camille and a potentially caotic life with their own mum and dad. With profound insights from Spartacus and Cassandra about how the parent-child dynamic has been reversed in their lives, they share their story of taking on enormous adult responsibilities to try to give themselves the best chance for the future. 

The film will be screened along with special guests ranging from experts in Roma music and culture, to those concerned with Roma's rights, and even some appearances from those in the film itself. Music will also be a big part of these evenings, from live hiphop in Malmö with Rebel G'z, to Jazz in Oslo where street musician Ion (previously a professional musician in Romania) will take the stage with his sax before the film. 

And later in the season, Doc Lounge Aarhus (Date TBC)

The award winning Spartacus & Cassandra is Ioanis Nuguet's debut film and we're proud to be bringing it to audiences across the Nordic region. We are screening Spartacus & Cassandra as part of the Moving Docs project, a collaboration with 7 other European distribution partners, working together to highlight and share the best new European documentaries.