Let's Doc Lounge! 4 Things we learnt about Doc Lounge Oslo.

Earlier this year we were very happy to announce that we were opening up a brand new Doc Lounge, finally, in Norway's beautiful capital city of Oslo. 

Recently we caught up with Katinka Troye, one of the project manager of Doc Lounge Oslo, to find out a little bit more about what the team in Oslo have planned. 

Hello Katinka! Great to have you and the new team on board. We're excited about this new Doc Lounge opening up. Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you ended up at Doc Lounge?

We all met through the Human Rights Human Wrongs film festival, which we have volunteered at for the last couple of years. All of us have a passion for documentaries and think they are a great way of telling stories, enlighten people about issues, and inspiring people to make changes too. We were all contacted by Oslo Dokumentarkino, asking us if we were interested in starting a group to showcase new and excting documenatries. They were basically asking us if we wanted to be part of an organization were we could work with our passion! Off course we said yes - didn't even have to think twice!

What's your vision for the future of Doc Lounge Oslo?

We want Doc Lounge Oslo to be the number one screening place for documentaries in Oslo.  We also want Doc Lounge to be a well-known name, a word on the street in a way. Our goal is to make it a verb - lets Doc Lounge!  Doc Lounge Oslo should become a regular hang out spot, so people know what they are doing the first tuesday of every month.  We aim to attract new audience for every screening, but also to keep people intrested so they want to come back. 
We also want our Doc Lounge to be a platform for new and up and coming directors to showcase their work, helping them to reach out to a broader audience. Overall our goal is to get new people interested in documentaries so that more people see the power they can have. We want to show movies that inspire and engage. Essentially, we want people to share our passion! 

Can you give us any hints to what we can expect from your first season?

We want to have a varied program for our first season, to innovate and change from event to event.  People can expect a lot of variation. We want to use this season to see what fits, mixing and matching different themes, movies, entertainment, and so on. We want find our own voice and a profile that fits us and also attracts audiences - a framework that works and we can build on in future.

Tell us what makes your Doc Lounge unique?

We are a social club. We want to provide everything people need for a good night and for an entertaining evening. We want people to come straight from work, to eat dinner, drink some beers, watch documentaries, be entertained and interact with friends and new people too. It is not just about the documentaries, it is also about the social hangout which provides everything you need for a good, interesting, entertaining and educational evening.

Great answer Katinka, now we're even more excited - for the people of Olso too - they're going to have a great Doc Lounge club in their city! We wish the Doc Lounge Oslo team all the best and look forward to some fantastic events coming up.  Let's most definately 'Doc Lounge'. 

If you want to get in touch with Katinka, you can reach her on: oslo@doclounge.no

To get updates on upcoming events at Doc Lounge Oslo, following the team on facebook: www.facebook.com/docloungeoslo

We also have a Doc Lounge in Volda in Norway. You can find out more about them here. We have some more plans cooking for Doc Lounge in the country.... so if you're interested in starting a Doc Lounge club somewhere in Norway, get in touch with us at head office to find out more.  

We'd like to, again, thank our great partners at Oslo Dokumentarkino and ex-project manager at Doc Lounge Volda, Ingeløw Kopperud, for establishing Doc Lounge in Oslo. You rock!