Doc Lounge Oslo Opens!

We are excited to announce that on Tuesday 2 February we will open our 19th Doc Lounge club - this time in the wonderful city of Oslo! The team in Oslo will launch in style at Caféteateret with a special preview of the stylistically daring psychological thriller THE FEAR OF 13. Constructed from a single four-day long interview with protagonist Nick Yarris, who was sentenced to death at age 20, this tale has all the twist and turns of a classic crime drama and an equally shocking ending. To discuss the film and our current obsession with 'True Crime' such as Serial and Making a Murderer we will be joined by a panel including Tor Erling Thømt Ruud (Uløst true crime podcast and Crime journalist at VG), Jørn Lier Horst (Former police chief investigator and crime writer), and Merete Smith (Lawyer and author of "The Rule of Law as the Main Character"). 

We wish our team in Oslo all the best of luck for their opening night and hope this is also the start of a long and exciting 'Doc Lounge' story in Norway's capital (but no murders please). 

You can follow Doc Lounge Oslo's events and news at www.doclounge.no/oslo and on facebook and instagram. 

Thank you to Oslo Dokumentarkino for their partnership in opening up this exciting new venture. 


Image from THE FEAR OF 13