Doc Lounge at Nordisk Panorama Film Festival

Today is Friday but not just any Friday. Today, the 27th edition of the Nordisk Panorma Nordic Short- and Documentary Film Festival starts in Malmö, Sweden. During six days, the festival presents a broad program of documentary films, short films, master classes, workshops, special events and social gatherings. Read more about the festival on Nordisk Panorama official website

Just as every other year, the festival has a special focus and this years focus is set to be Norway. Norway will not only be seen as the theme through the whole festival, some of the events are more norweigan than other. For exampel the festival opening film Magnus (Norweigan film), the dinner with Aslaug Holm (Norweigan film director), the screening of Dugma - The Button (Norweigan film) and the masterclass with Paul S. Refsdal - the (Norweigan) director of Dugma - The Button. Other subthemes at this years festival are among others Swedish Sin, Digital Distribution and Animation. See the complete festival program here

Doc Lounge is of course taking part in the festival by also co-hosting a screening. On Monday September 19 Doc Lounge will host the Swedish premiere of the delicious documentary Bugs, in collaboration with not only Nordisk Panorama but also with Malmö Stad, Film i Skåne, ABF Malmö and Svenska Filminstitutet. The screenings is held at Babel in Malmö and apart from the movie that includes grasshopper ravioli, maggot cheese gelato and bee larva ceviche, also includes a directors visit and tasty surprises...

Some films screened at the festival are also part of the latest Doc Lounge Official Selection and are therefore beeing screened aroung the Doc Lounge Network this autumn: Dugma - The Button, Bugs and Don Juan. Keep an eye on our calender for all screening dates. 

See you at the festival!