Doc Lounge 10 years!

550 films Ÿ– 1200 screenings Ÿ– 100 000 visitors 

10 years of excellent documentaries, inspiring events and amazing audiences!  Since the start, Doc Lounge has presented around 550 films at 1200 screenings and given nearly 100 000 visitors the opportunity to watch documentaries together! 

Doc Lounge started in Malmö, Sweden 2006 with one vision: attract new audiences to documentaries by screening high quality documentaries and creating vibrant, relevant, social and fun events.  And it worked! Ten years later, Doc Lounge has expanded and now exists in as many as 19 different cities around Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. 

A lot has happened with the documentary genre since we started, from being seen as quite narrow and heavy, documentaries are now more popular than ever, winning big prizes at glamorous film festivals and attracting huge audiences. And no-one can be more happy than us! Finally the genre has got the reputation it deserves. A documentary when it is at its best is a relevant, exciting, touching and important piece of art. 

Now we are moving into the next decade, launching new Doc Lounge clubs in Sweden, Norway and Finland and a series of new projects and concepts, like our livestreaming concept Doc Lounge Live, to give even more people the opportunity to experience great documentaries and social meetings.

We would like to thank all passionate directors, producers, artists, partners and funders we have been working with throughout the years and we are looking forward to keeping up the work together with you to bring good stories to the audiences and connect people.

And of course we would like to thank all of our visitors, old and new – you are all a part of Doc Lounge.  So HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of us!

Stay updated on all our ten-year celebrations via the Doc Lounge calendar, and find your nearest Doc Lounge here!

The very first Doc Lounge screening was held at Inkonst in Malmö the 16th of September 2006 and was the world premier of Belfast Girl by Malin Andersson.

With love/ Doc Lounge