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The Other Side of Everything

Mila Turajlic, 103 min, Serbia, France, Quatar, 2017

Free to Run

Pierre Morath, 90 min, Belgium, France, Switzerland, 2016

FREIGHTENED - The Real Price of Shipping

Denis Delestrac, 90 min, Spain, France, 2016

See You In Chechnya

Alexander Kvatashidze, 69 min, Georgia, Germany, Estonia, France, 2016

The Grown Ups

Maite Alberdi, 80 min, Chile, France, Netherlands, 2016

A Syrian Love Story

Sean McAllister, 76 min, UK, France, Lebanon, Syria, 2015

Dior and I

Frédéric Tcheng, 90 min, France, 2014

Match Me!

Lia Jaspers, 90 min, Germany, Austria, Italy, Lithuania, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Finland, Czech Republic, 2014

Spartacus & Cassandra

Ioanis Nuguet, 80 min, France, 2014

Spartacus & Cassandra

Ioanis Nuguet, 80 min, France, 2014

We Come as Friends

Hubert Saupert, 110 min, France, Austria, 2014

På Väg Till Skolan

Pascal Plisson, 77 min, France, 2013

One Step Beyond

Sebastien Montaz-Rosset, 56 min, France, 2012

The Creators

Laura Gamse, Jacques de Villiers, 98 min, South Africa, France, 2012

A Normal Life: Chronicle of a Sumo Wrestler

Jill Coulon, 83 min, Japan, France, 2009

Maradona by Kusturica

Emir Kusturica, 90 min, France, Spain, 2009


Liang Zhao, 120 min, China, Switzerland, UK, France, Belgium, Finland, 2009

Belfast Girls

Malin Andersson, 58 min, Sweden, France, 2006

The Five Obstructions

Jørgen Leth, Lars von Trier, 90 min, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, France, 2003

Little Dieter Needs to fly

Werner Herzog, 80 min, Germany, UK, France, 1997