The Chinese are Coming to Town

Ronja Yu, 58 min, Sweden.

The Chinese entrepreneur Mr. Luo has come to the Swedish city Kalmar with a multi billion investment and grandiose plans.  He promised big visions and a bright future for the people in this small town by the Baltic Sea.

Mr. Luo has been received as a saviour of the city which has been hit by crisis since a long time. He is depicted as a hero and is padded on the back by hopeful investors and politicians.

But conflicts start to occur, misunderstandings and culture clashes seem comical and absurd and Mr. Luo soon finds himself in a darkening tunnel. The dream is falling apart before our main character's eyes, and slowly turns into a nightmare reality.

The filmmaker Ronja Yu, who grew up in Sweden yet was born in Beijing, followed the whole affair – from grand designs to the death of a dream. Thanks to her Chinese and Swedish identity she could access and capture several priceless moments illustrating the pitfalls when cultures clash in the relentless march towards globalization.