The 11th Hour

Nadia Connors, Leila Conners Peterson, 95 min, USA.

Drought. Famine. Floods. Hurricans. Acid rain. The highest average temperature in history. Daily, catastrophies are reported on the news as individual occurences. But are they really isolated from each other or are they all part of a bigger, global puzzle that is showing humanity's future?

Our time on the planet has been short but impactful. Our needs to secure our own survival and quality of life have revolutionised industry, science, our eating habits and medicine. But it has also caused changes in the delicate balance that makes life on Earth possible.

The 11th Hour looks at how humanity has reached this point - how we live our lives, how we impact eco systems and what we can do to change course. The film includes dialogues with experts from across the globe, including the Soviet Union's prime minister Mikhail Gorbachev, famous scientist Stephen Hawking, former director of the CIA James Woolsey, together with experts in sustainable design William McDonough and Bruce Mau. Together with these, 50 prominent scientists, thinkers and leaders discuss the most important question our planet is facing.