Solange on Love

Tine Katinka Jensen, 50 min, Denmark.

This is the story of Solange, a mother of two small children, who earns her money by looking after the parked cars in the downtown streets of Santiago. She´s 22 years old, she´s cheeky and intense, and she´s paid a high price to insist on sticking with her boyfriend Pato, the father of the kids. Pato steals Solange´s shoes and sells them to get money for crack, he goes in and out of jail and he can´t be trusted, but he makes her smile. 

And it´s the story of Solange, a beautiful young girl who lives with her family in the hills that surround Valparaiso. She´s a schoolgirl and a good Cueca dancer, and she can´t keep her hands or lips off of Esteban. The urge to be close is all. They meet secretly in the park and they sneak home under the sheets when the parents are out. 

Time slips like sand between the fingers and the stories evolve. The young girl on the hill finds herself suddenly a mother, only a child herself. The woman on the street shifts between hope and and anger. It´s a thin line between the solid feeling of desire, joy and a meaningful path, and then all the things that threaten the hearts.

The dream is simple yet hard to fulfill. To have a roof over the head and a floor under the feet, to have a husband who´s clean, to have a door that can be locked. 

A poetic and emotional film that celebrates the good things in a life on the very edge.