Porträtt av en motvillig herre

Gustav Danielsson, Kalle Boman, 14 min, Sweden.

There are a lot of rumors about Eugen. That he'd rather enjoy a beer on a park bench than in his flat on Östermalm in Stockholm, Sweden. That he used to be a chemist that made his own amphetamine. That he fought as a part of the Hitler Jugend during the way. Are any of these things true? Eugen refuses to answer. He says that a true portrait of him doesn't exist. That stories and myths contain more truth than documentaries. In a series of surrealist images Eugen portraits himself. In between them he speaks with an experienced voice and furrowed face while he drinks one or two beers. The portrait of Eugen evokes the same art as painting and still photography have done for decades. It's in the pictures taken off Eugene where the portrait emerges - not in the things he relucantly says.