Philenom Arthur and The Dung - Jakten på orkestern utan ansikte

Jonas Johannesson, Martin Snygg, 42 min, Sweden.

They are mythical and mysterious, genius explained and wayward. Philemon Arthur and the Dung belongs undeniably one of the Swedish music history's most interesting features. Skåne duo has caused headaches for generations of Swedes who tried to figure out their identities. Since the debut release in 1971, they have namely been anonymous. When they won a Grammy in 1972 kicked music establishment rear and lay down the Grammy Awards for 15 years. In the documentary about the hunt for the band dug in the Swedish prog rock history in general and the Skåne soil, in particular, for the truth about prog rock legends Philemon Arthur and the Dung. Participants include Mika, Stefan Wermelin and members of Bob Hund.