Patti Smith: Dream of Life

Steven Sebring, 109 min, USA.

Already with her debut album Horses (1975), produced by former Velvet Underground-member John Cale, Patti Smith was writing music history. The album was one of her most influental and is seen as a great source of inspiration for both punk and rock. Since the debut, Smith has produced more albums, written poetry and given concerts at a constant pace. She's know for her political work, her preaching on world peace and the importance of enivornmental issues.

The documentary Patti Smith: Dream of Life took 11 years to finish, taking its starting point in a couple of rough years during which Smith's brother, husband and several friends passed away. Through archival footage, interviews, home movies, photographies and tapes, Sebring has created a film that invites us to take a trip through the artist's 30 year long - and highly diverse - career. Who is she? And what drives her?