Narco Cultura

Shaul Schwarz, 103 min, USA.

The drug cartels control everything in the Mexican city of Juárez. The city is popularly known as 'the murder capital of the World', and neither the police nor the authorities can do anything about the cartels, which corrupt, murder and accumulate power. In Los Angeles and Mexico a music culture has emerged, which celebrates violence, money and drug dealing - a distorted version of the American dream, which enjoys immense popularity on both sides of the border. The drug trade has become a popcultural phenomenon. 'Narco Cultura' is an in-depth study of an extreme world, where we follow a disheartened police detective, the impoverished residents of Juárez, and singers who praise the powerful drug cartels from their large homes in Los Angeles. The director Shaul Schwarz, who has a background in photojournalism and who himself has shot the film, risks life and limb in several scenes and doesn't mince his words in his depiction of the drug culture's dark side. It is hardcore - now you've been warned.