Terese Mörnvik, Ewa Einhorn., 50 min, Sweden.

This is a story about a polish milkbar and a stubborn woman running a business that springs from another time. Danuta has a mission to serve healthy and cheap meals. Look at Mc Donalds what kind of food is that? Danuta says, they are all over the world!
Why can’t there be milkbars all over the world?

When communism fell in 1989 and the bars went private-owned, Danuta Juz took over “Bar Bywalec”, in Wroclaw.

Now 16 years have passed and Poland have been through huge structural changes. But in Danuta´s bar time seems to stand still – If it wasn’t for the Map of the European Union that Danuta’s assistant Dzidka with pride put up. Side by side two women run the bar, trying to keep the new neo-liberal market outside. The milk bars are subsidized by the state and the profit Danuta is allowed to make on each dish follows strict restrictions and regulations. The milk bars provide a bridge between the old and the new society, but how long will they be able to keep it running?

This is a humorous film about strong and witty women running a risky business.