Life Extended

Lars Bergström, Mats Bigert, 57 min, Sweden.

Life Extended continues Bigert & Bergström’s exploration of the human endeavor to control life and death. In the film, we meet the gerontologist who believes we will be immortal within a near future, the architects who constructs spaces to slow down the aging process, the monk who runs for 1,000 days in order to strengthen his spirit for its immortal journey, the street kids who lives in the moment, and many more.

“Today aging is subject to control,” as one biochemist puts it. And the speed with which this biotechnological development is moving indicates that coming generations will live very long lives.

Opposing the static image of the stairway of life, the film is constructed as a relay race where people move towards the viewer. Initiated as a work of art, the film envisions a contemporary memento mori for death itself, when death has become nothing but a memory.