Gogol Bordello Non-Stop

Margarita Jimeno, 90 min, United States.

Fusing the instrumental approach of Eastern European gypsy music with the energy and attitude of punk rock, Gogol Bordello is one of the most unusual success stories of pop music in the new millennium, and Eugene Hutz hardly has the background of a typical rock frontman. Born near Kiev in 1972, Hutz and his family fled the Ukraine after the disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986, and they made their way through Eastern Europe as refugees before coming to America in 1990. After playing with local bands in Vermont, Hutz relocated to New York City in 1997. While working as a DJ at downtown clubs, he began meeting fellow expatriate musicians, and in 1999 Gogol Bordello was formed. Gogol Bordello's frantic live shows earned the band a loyal following both at home and on the road, and their third album, 2005's Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike became a major independent success. Filmmaker Margarita Jimeno followed the band on the road for several months, and the result was Gogol Bordello Non-Stop, a documentary which looks at the group's colorful history and rigorous schedule as well as offering a look at the high-energy live show that's made them famous.