Erik Bäfving, 58 min, Sweden.

Swedish actor Ernst-Hugo Järegård died in 1998, but the interest in him has never waned. In Erik Bäfving's film we get to look back at the actor's work through archival clips from great moments during his career. Amongst these we see such classic roles as the murderer in Skånska Mord, the Dane-hating chief of medicine in Riket and footage from stage plays like VD and Waiting for Godot.

With the help of his wife, Karin Järegård, and colleagues like Lars von Trier, Helena Bergström, Jonas Gardell, Ghita Nørby and Jan Hemmel, Ernst-Hugo paints a gripping portrait of the eccentric actor that always wanted to be in the center of attention. Ernst-Hugo Järegård was a celebrated and confident diva - but behind the fascade he was plagued by insomnia, anxiety and a complicated relationship with his father.