En Rom På Resa

Agnesfilm/SVT, 120 min, Sweden.

Swedish documentary series from 2014. Four stories, four people, four journeys. In four episodes, we meet Soraya, Dusan, Claudia and Sinisa that each takes us on a journey.

Soraya Post became Sweden's first elected Roma in the EU Parliament when she was elected as a representative for the Feminist Initiative in the election in May. Her episode is close and personal portrait of a woman who after a brief political career reaches all the way into the corridors of power in Brussels.

Dusan Marinkovic is 16 years old and passionate about human rights. His grandfather organizes a football tournament in Serbia to counter racism, but grandpa is sick and Dusan go there to help.

Claudia Forgacs has its roots in Hungary, but it is 17 years since she was last there. Claudia lives as transgender and are aware that the situation for people like her are complicated in Hungary. She travels back there to see what her life would have been if she had grown up in his parents' homeland.

Sinisa Ismailovic is committed to helping EU migrants from Eastern Europe. He gets to know Alina and Sandur who lives in the woods and live on begging and collecting cans, although they came to Sweden with a dream of finding work.