Bergmans hushållerska

Tom Alandh, 59 min, Sweden.

In Swedish magazines, we could read that the biography where Ingmar Bergman's maid Anita Haglöf were supposed to speak about her life with the master director had its publication cancelled after its published had worked on it for about a year. It simply became too much for her. What remains is Tom Alandh's documentary about Bergman, in which Anita Haglöf appears and openly talks about her work and relationship with one of greatest film makers of all time.

In a brave and self critical way, Anita Haglöf shares her private experiences of Bergman. There is no doubt that she was aware that her statements would be provocative and cast the legendary Swedish director in a new light - or in a new shadow. Despite this she invites us to take part in her sometimes hard life in Bergman's home, the way it was when the curtains had been closed. Anita doesn's seem like she's trying to get any form of revenge - instead, it seems like she's trying to make peace with herself and perhaps even Bergman himself.