Am I Black Enough For You

Göran Olsson, 87 min, Sweden.

It's usually said that in the harshest of environments the sweetest soul music is born. Am I Black Enough for You tells the tale of the soul singer and living legend Billy Paul - the man who won the hearts of the American people during the 1970s with his special Philadelphia-sound and beautiful voice.

His ballad "Me and Mrs. Jones" was awarded with a Grammy and climbed to the first place of the Billboards with two million sold copies. But with the song "Am I Black Enough For You", he almost lost everything as a musician because of its political message about the continued segregation of African-Americans in the US. The song caused an outcry and spawned boycotts within the white music industry and audience. But Billy Paul refused to apologize for who he was and what he wanted his music to represent - to give a voice to the African-American people and their struggle for equal rights.